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ASMTP is an advanced spam-filtering technology that can reject most spam during the SMTP handshake, without transferring any message data from the remote host. ASMTP includes filters patented by ESCOM (client filter, address verification filter, and relay filter) as well as more widely used filters such as Sender Policy Framework (SPF), DNS-based RBLs, content filtering, and local databases to enforce your organization's acceptable use policy. ASMTP also provides plug-in interfaces to open source software, as listed below.

The ASMTP technology is available as an ASMTP software distribution to install on your own Red Hat Linux platforms. ESCOM also provides integrated ASMTP Appliances for special orders and will install ASMTP on customer-provided equipment.

ASMTP Software Distribution

ESCOM's primary software distribution is for Red Hat Linux. ASMTP runs on Red Hat Linux 7 and newer, including Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), Fedora, and other systems such as CentOS that use the Red Hat /etc/rc control scripts.

The Red Hat distribution will also run on FreeBSD using the Linux Compatibility Mode libraries. (Note: Installation and configuration of this release is not as refined as with the Red Hat Linux distribution, so we would suggest it only for experienced BSD users.)

The ASMTP software distributions include the following configuration items:

  • HOWTO files for selecting hardware and installing various operating systems.
  • Installation and configuration scripts
  • ASMTP Version 4
  • WebQS-enabled Apache web server for users and administrators
  • Command line utilities and man pages
  • Architecture, Installation, and Administration Guides (PDF)

ASMTP 4 includes plug-in interfaces for the open source (GPL) Clam AntiVirus and Bogofilter (Bayesian content filter) programs. ESCOM builds binary distributions of these programs on separate media for ASMTP customers and, in accordance with the GPL, provides the source code for these programs on customer request.

ASMTP Appliances

An ASMTP Appliance is simply a Linux-compatible computer with an operating system and ASMTP distribution installed. ESCOM does not require customers to buy overpriced hardware for ASMTP; consequently, most customers will take the lower-cost path of acquiring their own hardware and OS, and installing ASMTP at their own facility. We recommend low-end Dell Poweredge tower servers such as the SC430, typically available for under $500, but we have had customers run ASMTP on surplus servers or even surplus workstations.

Special Offer: If you don't want to bother with doing the installation yourself, ESCOM will do a free installation of CentOS 4 and ASMTP on customer-provided equipment. Customer must ship the hardware to ESCOM and provide prepaid return shipping.

Ask ESCOM for quotes and availability if you require an integrated appliance solution including hardware. As shown below, ESCOM has built appliances on Dell and HP/Compaq rackmount servers. Both product lines give ESCOM customers the benefits of well-tested hardware designs, extensive parts inventories, and manufacturer's hardware maintenance. Dell and HP/Compaq provide excellent hardware support for servers (by default, one year of onsite parts/labor and two additional years of parts).

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