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ESCOM Corporation offers expert consulting services in the following areas:

  • Specialized consulting regarding our ASMTP Appliance. This includes studies of how ASMTP might be ported to other platforms, might be extended to other networking protocols, or might be applied to solve other problems.
  • Trusted system consulting services, such as evaluation analysis, architectural studies, trusted system design, trusted system documentation, and expert witness testimony.

Contact us here regarding our availability to support your project.

Corporate Experience

Our experience includes analysis, design, and development of:

  • Trusted special-purpose guard devices
  • Trusted C2/B1 UNIX systems
  • Trusted C2 and B2 networks
  • US TCSEC ("Orangebook") and TNI ("Red book") evaluation support
  • Trusted MINIX (TMINIX) C2 worked example (see paper)
  • European ITSEC evaluation support

Selected Customers

ESCOM has provided consulting services or products to the following customers.

Network Associates (NAI) Specialized security consulting services.
CRYPTEK Secure Communications LLC Evaluation support and security documentation for the DiamondTEK product.
Arca Systems (currently part of Exodus Communications) Consulting support for Arca's C2 security evaluation of IBM's RS/6000 system running AIX. This was the first security evaluation performed by a commercial lab under the Trust Technology Assessment Program (TTAP).
Cordant (acquired by Alcoa) Consulting support for Novell's C2 evaluation of Novell Netware.
Verdix Corporation (acquired by Rational Software, which was acquired by IBM) Consulting support for Verdix's Rating Maintenance Phase (RAMP) upgrade to the B2-evaluated Verdix Secure LAN (VSLAN).
pragma Systems Corporation Team member for three software process assessments performed according to the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) approach.
National Security Agency (NSA) ESCOM completed two contracts with NSA to design, develop, and document the Trusted Minix (TMINIX) worked example for use in the Government's Vendor Security Analyst (VSA) training program. See TMINIX paper.
Honeywell Federal Systems, Inc. (HFSI, current Wang Federal) Contract support for a proposal bid and for security testing and documentation for HFSI's CMW product.

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