ESCOM Granted Singapore Patent for Spam Filtering Technology

OAKTON, Virginia--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sept. 23, 2004--ESCOM Corp. announced today that it has received its first international patent for its Active SMTP (ASMTP) spam filtering technology. The Singapore Registry of Patents issued patent number 89066, entitled "Electronic Message Filter Having a Whitelist Database and a Quarantine Mechanism." ESCOM received its first U.S. patent in November 2001 and has other U.S. and international patents pending.

The Singapore patent claims three filters that detect junk e-mail (spam) by testing the remote host and sender's address. These include: (1) a client filter that detects client computers pretending to be e-mail servers, (2) an address verification filter that detects nonexistent (hence forged) sender addresses, and (3) a relay filter that detects open relays.

By some estimates, as much as 80% of all spam is forwarded by compromised Microsoft systems (zombies). Most of these are clients that can be detected by the client filter. Most spam also has forged addresses that can be detected by the address verification filter.

"These filters work during the setup phase of the protocol, so ASMTP can block zombies and forged addresses without downloading the message itself," said ESCOM president Al Donaldson. "And since worms and viruses are often spread by e-mail from compromised clients, these same filters can stop new attacks before your antivirus solution can update its data files."

This technology is available today in ESCOM's ASMTP software. Patents and software are available for licensing.

ESCOM Corporation is a privately held internet technology company founded in 1988. ESCOM's customers include ISPs, state and federal government, education, and manufacturing and technology companies. See for additional information.

ESCOM Participates in NIST Spam Workshop

Oakton, Virginia--Feb. 17, 2004--ESCOM president Al Donaldson was a member of the Vendor Panel at the Spam Technology Workshop hosted today by the National Institute of Science and Technology (NIST) Information Technology Laboratory.

Mr. Donaldson presented an overview of ASMTP and participated in a question and answer session, observing that diversity of spam filtering solutions is a good thing, because it makes it harder for spammers to attack multiple products simultaneously than it would be to attack a single product used by everyone. In response to an earlier question during the ISP Panel (about how small ISPs can get technology developed by companies such as AOL and Yahoo), he mentioned ASMTP works well for ISPs and at a much lower cost.

ESCOM Presents Spam Session at NALIT Workshop

Oakton, Virginia--Oct. 1, 2003--ESCOM president Al Donaldson today presented a session on spam at the National Association of Legislative Information Technology (NALIT) annual technology workshop in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. The presentation described how spammers send spam and discussed technical approaches to blocking spam.

ESCOM Corporation Awarded Spam-Filtering Patent

Oakton, Virginia--January 6, 2002--ESCOM Corporation announced today that it has been awarded a key patent in the war against junk e-mail, also called spam, for its Active SMTP (ASMTP) technology.

"The patent covers dynamic testing of remote hosts when they connect to deliver e-mail," says ESCOM president Al Donaldson. "This is a significant improvement over previous static filtering techniques. Live tests have shown that ASMTP can detect and quarantine over 99 percent of incoming spam from previously unknown sources."

"ASMTP allows us to take back our e-mail addresses from the spammers," says Dr. Richard Soley, Chairman and CEO of the Object Management Group (OMG), an industry consortium in Needham, Massachusetts. He says ASMTP has provided "an immediate return on investment, and our decision to deploy the product has greatly increased the quality of service we can offer our customers."

Founded in 1988, ESCOM Corporation is a privately held company specializing in secure computer and secure network technologies. ESCOM has provided contract services to the National Security Agency, Computer Sciences Corporation, and Network Associates, and has supported computer security evaluations of IBM's AIX system and Novell's Netware.

ESCOM has developed two ASMTP Appliances based on the Active SMTP patent and other patent-pending technology. For more information on ESCOM Corporation's ASMTP technology, consult the ESCOM Web site at