ESCOM Announces ASMTP 4 as Solution to Zombie Spam

OAKTON, Virginia--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 18, 2005--ESCOM(R) Corporation, a technology leader in electronic mail protection, announced today the availability of Version 4 of its ASMTP software. ASMTP 4 uses ESCOM's patented dialup client filter to increase its effectiveness in dealing with client-based "zombie" attacks, estimated to be responsible for as much as 2/3 of all spam.

"Zombies are responsible for almost all pornographic spam," said ESCOM president Al Donaldson. "Client zombies are essentially untraceable, so they're ideal for distributing the worst kinds of spam, phishing scams, and new generations of viruses. These clients are typically desktop PCs running Windows, with a dialup, cable modem, or ADSL connection, and a dynamically-assigned IP address. Desktop clients were never intended to send unauthenticated SMTP mail direct to servers, and now there's more reasons than ever to block them. ASMTP 4 stops client zombies because it can dynamically distinguish clients from actual mail servers, and block direct client connections."

According to David Brittenham at Mo-Net, Inc., a Missouri ISP, "We've been using ASMTP for several years now and our beta testing with ASMTP 4 showed the client filter to be extremely effective with almost no administration. During a two-month test period, with ASMTP configured to do client filtering for all our users, I did not see any mail accepted from client zombies or any evidence of legitimate mail being rejected by the client filter. The client filter also significantly reduced phishing and viruses."

Other new features in ASMTP 4 are SMTP authentication and per-recipient blacklisting of remote domains and IP blocks. Version 4 also includes improvements in handling of false bounce messages (backscatter), improved content and attachment filtering, and further reductions of false positives. It continues to provide SPF, which has been included in ASMTP for over 6 months.

ASMTP 4 is available now for a no-obligation evaluation from ESCOM.COM. Patents and software are also available for licensing.

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