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ESCOM Corporation provides the following support services for your ASMTP Appliance.

  • Pre-Sales Support. If you have questions about ASMTP that are not answered on our web site, give us a call and talk to one of our engineers. Some of the areas we've already discussed are listed in Frequently Asked Questions.

  • Free 30-day Installation Support. The Installation Overview, below, explains that installation is relatively simple (usually less than two hours) and well documented. However, If you require support during this period, contact ESCOM by telephone or e-mail to resolve your problem. Installation support for ASMTP is ESCOM's first priority.

  • 30-day No-risk Return Policy. We believe that once you try ASMTP, you'll never do without it. But we understand that because ASMTP is a new product, you may not want to take the risk of buying something new. Consequently, here's our introductory no-risk return policy:
    If you are not pleased with ASMTP for any reason, you may return it within 30 days and you will not owe us anything.

    Certain fees pertain to return of ASMTP Appliances, or you may pay ESCOM's cost for the hardware and keep it.

  • Software Support (first year). As described in the ASMTP License Agreement, ESCOM provides one year of free software support for ASMTP (both Software and Appliances). This includes ASMTP and WebQS software upgrades as they become available. These upgrades are available on ESCOM's distribution server.

  • Software Support (successive years). ESCOM provides ASMTP software support for successive years on a fee basis. Two different levels are available: (1) ASMTP and WebQS software upgrades only, and (2) software upgrades plus telephone/e-mail support. See the sales page for pricing.

  • Hardware Support. All ESCOM-manufactured hardware has been out of warranty for at least a year and the Dell and Compaq servers sold by ESCOM are supported by the respective vendor. If any of these servers fail, replace or repair the hardware. If you have a disk crash, for example, you will probably have to reload the OS and ASMTP. This is essentially the same as a new install, and it can be completed in a couple of hours after you replace or repair the hardware. Do not attempt to move a disk drive to another machine while you are waiting for the new Appliance. Instead, see Disconnecting the Appliance below on how to configure the failed appliance out of your network.

  • Hourly support. If your free support options have expired, contact ESCOM for a quotation on ASMTP consulting rates. Support is provided in increments of one hour, plus any applicable direct charges.

  • Installation Overview

    Your ASMTP Appliance will arrive with ASMTP and WebQS software and documentation already installed. Excluding site preparation and name server changes, installation can take as little as 30 minutes. The Installation chapter of the ASMTP Administrator's Guide explains how execute a script that sets up the Appliance's network configuration (name server, route, and mail server). It also describes how to change the Mail Exchanger (MX) record(s) for your network so that remote hosts will send SMTP e-mail to your ASMTP Appliance.

    Disconnecting the Appliance

    If you ever need to disconnect the ASMTP Appliance (for example, because of a hardware problem), simply reconfigure your network's Mail Exchanger (MX) record so that remote hosts will send e-mail directly to your mail server, bypassing the ASMTP Appliance. You can then turn off your ASMTP Appliance without losing any incoming e-mail.

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