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Milestones and Events:
May-ESCOM founded
Apr-First ASMTP shipped
Nov-First U.S. patent
Oct-NALIT spam session
Feb-NIST spam workshop
Jul-NALIT article
Sep-Singapore Patent

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In the time it takes you to read this paragraph, a spammer can forge your address and send a pornographic message or virus from you to other users on your own network. And if your mail system is like most, you can't do anything about it.

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ESCOM's ASMTP (Active SMTP) software is used by internet providers, businesses, governments, and universities to protect their enterprise networks from junk mail (spam) and malicious content.
This patented technology (US Patents 7,249,175 and 6,321,267) dynamically identifies the techniques used by spammers -- including hijacked (zombie) clients, open relays, and forged e-mail addresses it has never seen before -- and quarantines or rejects junk mail sent using these and other techniques. Read our white paper to find out why ASMTP's dynamic filtering outperforms content filtering, static blacklisting, even SPF.

Because it focuses on behavior, ASMTP is more a dynamic risk assessment engine than a typical (content-filtering) spam or virus filter. ASMTP includes Bayesian content filtering and an interface to Clam AntiVirus, but its multi-layered defense stops most undesirable mail without looking at message content.

  • ESCOM's patented client filter is extremely effective in rejecting spam (and viruses) from hijacked desktop clients (zombies).
  • ASMTP has three different filters to detect forged sender addresses, including our patented address verification filter and Sender Policy Framework (SPF). If SPF is not available for your mail server, you can get the benefits of SPF by installing ASMTP.
  • Backscatter filtering protects your servers and users from non-delivery notices and out-of-office autoreplies resulting from forged use of your domain name.
  • Web-based Quarantine Server (WebQS) for administrators and users.
  • Per-recipient access lists, available to users with WebQS.
  • Extremely lightweight -- a single copy of ASMTP running on a $1000 computer can handle tens of thousands of users.
  • Virtually unlimited number of local domains and recipients. Each domain may have its own filtering policy and each recipient his/her own access list.
  • ASMTP includes optional content filtering, greylisting, remote blacklisting (multiple IP-based and domain-based RBL servers), and RBL-based trusted override.
  • Includes three PDF documents (Architecture, Installation, and Administration), HOWTO files, and one year of ESCOM software support and upgrades.

ASMTP is available as a software distribution you can load on your own hardware, as well as a pre-loaded ASMTP Appliance. We've priced ASMTP to pay for itself in saved time, improved working environment, and reduced legal exposure. Order now to begin your free no-obligation trial -- If ASMTP doesn't do what we say, return it within 30 days at no cost.

Think you won't need spam filtering now that Congress has passed a Federal spam law? Think again.
Still not convinced? Try the "ASMTP Challenge".